New Music: Satin Jackets – Take It From Me (feat. Emma Brammer)

  • New Music: Satin Jackets - Take It From Me (feat. Emma Brammer)

Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets has built a real name for himself with his brand of sophisticated, pop-infused modern takes on disco. Having last featured on the blog in August last year with David Harks, this time round he’s teamed up with London based singer Emma Brammer to supply guest vocals on his latest track Take It From Me.

There’s a sassy and sensual air to Take It From Me, its blend of classic disco chic and occasional stadium rock guitar licks creating a real sense of occasion and ostentation.

It would be a great companion piece to the iconic Native New Yorker, as its lyrics mirror that track’s fusion of the streetwise and a naivete born in the hearts of the lovestruck. Emma Brammer’s vocal performance shows her to be a diva in waiting, pain and defiance shining bright through every word he sings.

Take It From Me is out now via Belgium’s Eskimo Recordings and you can stream the track on Spotify and Deezer.

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