Atlanta’s Shouldies are the first signing to Graveface Records’ new imprint NEVERNOTGOTH. It’s a shop window for marginalised sounds they feel the world needs to hear – and running is certainly that.

A twisted take on post-punk and synth-infused dark pop, the trio (Yancey Ballard, John Pierce, and Daniel Eberlein) channel Bauhuas and Fad Gadget in equal measure. It echoes the era of classic goth at times, but more the dark experiences of Sex Gang Children and the experimental genre collision that was Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

running is not a museum piece though, it lives and breathes the current moment, detailing as it does the experiences of being trans in the American South.

Political in a personal way, stark but engaging, it’s a positive sign that Shouldies are bringing something new to the table.

Ballard recently commented on Atlanta’s deceptively close proximity to homophobia and transphobia in Kerrang!: “A lot of the time, it’s a fight to be heard because it’s not ‘as dangerous’ as it is outside [Atlanta’s perimeters]. People don’t care about microaggressions. People don’t care about discomfort. People care less than they should about full-on aggression because at least it’s ‘safer’ here. ‘At least it happens less’. ‘It could be worse’.”

The track will feature on the upcoming album from Shouldies which is currently up for pre-order on Bandcamp in vinyl and digital editions.

Photo by Maggy Swain