New Music: Star Noir – Exploring Reflection

  • New Music: Star Noir - Exploring Reflection

Star Noir is the solo project of Manchester based musician and producer Jody Coombes, who describes himself as a ‘Synthwave/Dark Synth/Industrial artist from the depths of a digital hell’. His sound plays about with genres, boundaries and expectations as Exploring Reflection, his collaboration with Aeronexus beautifully demonstrates.

Opening with an icy yet epic, cinematic feel – think Barry Lyndon in space – the classical references soon merge seamlessly with some more current and retro electronic sounds.

Sample dialogue ebbs and flows in the listener’s consciousness as the song progresses, Exploring Reflection creating an aura of suspense and dislocation, perfectly in tune with the theme of the song and parent album.

The track features on Star Noir’s Society album which he says is a ‘statement against the way things are in humanity today’. Both the track and album are available to stream on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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