There seems to be a bit of a trend right now for alternative artists to pen film soundtracks, but Stuart A. Staples of The Tindersticks is on to his eighth collaboration with celebrated director Claire Denis. The two’s most recent work is on High Life, from which The Garden is taken.

It’s the opening piece to the film and I’m guessing functions as a scene setter, so its sense of retro-futurism, claustrophobia and increasing tension imply we’re in for a scary and exciting ride!

Opening with a deep, sonorous tone, the track seems to reference the frenzied cacophony of a constrained life, tension and movement everywhere, but also a feeling of lurking menace. At times it feels like it’s barely in control of itself, straining to burst out, or destroy its few conventional musical boundaries.

I won’t go in to the inspiration for the track, or the soundtrack itself for fear of spoilers, but Staples says the music has been gestating since 2012, and much of it came to the film in completed form following years of dialogue with Claire Denis.

The Garden is out now and the OST will be released April 5th on vinyl and CD formats (you can pre-order it on Bandcamp) via Milan Records (North America) and City Slang Records (Europe). High Life will hit cinema screens in New York and Los Angeles on April 5th. You’ll find more about the soundtrack as well as music by The Tindersticks on their official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.