We last featured SUMif (aka San Francisco-based musician Steph Wells) back in March with her track Love Shop and spoke at the time about how she balances the personal and political in her music. Well, she also does a mean line in hedonistic club tunes, as you can hear on Disco Love.

There’s that wonderful innocence to her voice that means you can view the lyrics as an ode to the joy of being in love on a night out, but as she sings of how you can ‘swallow me and hold on tight’ and reflects on ‘a disco kind of love’ there’s a wry ambiguity going on that gives you the licence to interpret the song in other, more pleasure-seeking ways.

The soft urgency to the electro arrangement feels like a mythical Scandi infused disco-Kylie lost classic in its playful sense of abandon, and that makes Disco Love something very special indeed.

Disco Love is out now, you can stream it on Spotify, check out the SUMif Facebook page for more streaming and downloading details.