New Music: SUMif – Know You & Undone

  • New Music: SUMif - Know You & Undone

We’re big fans of San Francisco’s SUMif so we he got hit with two excellent singles in quick succession we knew we had to share both of them with you. First up is the perfect pop of Know You.

The wonderfully breathless vocals bring the words to life, giving them a real sense of emotion and raw meaning, forthright without being demanding, something deliciously reinforced by the power ballad ambience to the arrangement. If only love could always sound this good!

Steph Wells (aka SUMif) had this to say about the song: “Know You is about being captivated by another person in a totally new way. It’s the type of attraction where in it you discover new things about yourself that make you feel alive.”

As if on the flipside, she’s followed that track with the more introspective Undone. Where the previous song was all about the deliriousness of passion, here Wells seems to explore some of the downsides that come for falling so truly, madly and deeply in love.

A gently unfolding rhythm underpins the lyrical expression of the anxiety that can come that loss of self that happens when two become one, but then have to part, if only for a moment. With SUMif in general and these two songs in particular, Wells really knows how to capture the complexities of love.

You can catch up with both tracks and the rest of the SUMif back catalogue on Spotify, whilst you can read an excellent interview with Wells on the sheBOPS website. Be sure to check out SUMif on Facebook and Instagram for news, pics and more!

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