We covered The Moth by New York based singer/songwriter Syd Silvair not so long ago, and she makes a quick return to the blog with the closing track of her debut EP Reverie, the deliciously profound pop of Heroine.

With a sound she describes as ‘a world where disco meets modern witchcraft,’ that’s a fair summation of the track. With a voice as full of regret and studied pain as hers, Silvair could find it hard to avoid comparisons to Lana Del Rey. But there’s a lot more going on here than LDR’s enjoyable but arch sound. Not vampish, more Stevie Nicks at her most mysterious, Silvair has a vibrant, vital, more urban quality to her voice for one. And the song? It’s gritty and glamourous, like a knuckleduster underneath a silk evening glove. You’ll find it hard not to be captivated by this song.

Speaking about the song, Silvair says Heroine is “Influenced by the angelic figure on the Temperance tarot card, the song tackles the calamities of thinking someone can save us from ourselves. It’s a profound tale identifying the perils of infatuation toward another and exercising moderation despite burning desires”.

The Reverie EP is out now and can be listened to on all major platforms, including Spotify. Head over to Syd Silvair’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for details on how to listen to the song, and to keep up to date with news about upcoming releases.