Well that went quickly! Another busy week with the day job, helping launch a radio station and watching the UK turn itself into something you’d find in a very badly written rip-off of The Hunger Games. So, what did the page admins do for fun this week? May the 4th was obviously about drinking dodgy Star Wars themed cocktails, but this weeks’ solitary gig was not electronic in nature but was an evening of primal blues, rock, grunge and more. We love our synthy goodness here at AnalogueTrash but there so much good music out there in so many different genres and we want to hear it, feel it and experience it! And so…

Like a lot of people I tend to associate Atlanta with genres like crunk, blues and neo-soul, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear Poison In The Water by Von Grey. The trio make a very expansive sounding form of synthpop, with cinematic and rock references liberally sprinkled throughout the track. The band themselves play the string section you hear on the track.

On Angel Like You, Aiidan channels the mystical feel found in bands like Enigma and turns it in to a slow-burning electro ballad with attitude. This is the first track to be released by the Brooklyn based artist and shows a lot of promise. If you want to hear more, you can keep tabs on her on Facebook or  Spotify.

Nora Beta is originally from Vietnam but is now based in London, and has recently released pop gem Angels via New Zealand Indie label Rolley Records. Her voice has similarities in tone and range to Karin Park and Susanne Sundfør. The track takes some inspiration from the Nordic pop sound and ladles on a bit more emotion and soul, and I look forward to hearing more from Nora Beta. The track was one of the last ones worked on by New Zealand producer, the late Tom Coyne.

Father from undrgndman is a bit of musical curiosity for me – a song with a gospel feel but with funk in its rhythm and a menacing beat that wouldn’t be amiss on an old-school EBM track. I’ve listened to the track quite a few times now and each time I pick out a sample, layer or loop I’d not heard the previous time. The artist says each song he writes is a story and like this they are all quite beautiful.

Canadian musician artist Robb Harding releases music under the name of Lio, and on Midnight In Paris he has a featured vocalist on board in the form of Jen Richardson. Richardson’s voice evokes comparisons with Stevie Nicks, whilst the track itself is a lovely mid-tempo dance style track which owes a bit to the more laid back sounds of 80’s European synthpop hits.

Montreal based producer, Aléatoire’s Maps On The Palms featuring Toronto based singer Alina Libkind is the precursor to a four track EP which will be released on June 8th via Bandcamp. The breathy vocals of Libkind work well with the big drum sound and squiggly synths that give the track a bit of a soulful feel. Highly recommended.

Nelly’s Crush is this weeks’ Nordic entry with Second Souls, which sees the Norwegian duo serve up a fun filled funk style track with lashings of 80’s style bass guitar, synth stabs and some amazingly sugar sweet vocals. If you were waiting for Icona Pop to follow up I Love It with an infectious singalong club anthem, these guys may have got there first with this track from their new album Rumours.

Switch the Link by French musician unTILBEN has so many things going for it; it’s one of the best synthwave tracks I’ve heard in a while for a start. Secondly, it’s about the new Zelda game. And thirdly unTILBEN is donating all the monies collected via Bandcamp to UNICEF. So, you get to buy a great track and help others whilst doing so!

With a nice line in sunny synthpop, next up is Lenii and Sober Dreams. Lenii (Ellen Murphy) is a 20 year-old vocalist, producer, and DJ from Cork in Ireland now based in Brooklyn, and here she’s delivered a tropical synth track that oozes visions of sunny holidays in the Caribbean or Pacific and vocals that really carry you away with them.

Last on the roundup this week is Brazil-born, Florida reared artist Lévie with Trouble – a big, booming number with Levi Jardim’s deep and rounded soul-infused vocals combining with powerful synths and drums to lift the emotional heft and intensity of the song. There’s an RnB feel to his voice and electronic rock sound to the track and the two combine perfectly on Trouble; immediately hooking the listener in.

Well that’s it for this weeks’ roundup, hope you found something you like in the playlist and that it has whetted your appetite to hear more by them! Until next time!