I’m not sure this will be up to my usual quality, as I’m awash with painkillers and a dollop of shame. I fell whilst running for a bus! At least I provided some early morning entertainment for rush hour traffic and fully expect the whole thing to pop up online any day now. At least I did get to see the wonderful Duck do their magical thing, mixing up noise, synthpop and some DIY punk attitude. Them, the one-man musical wonder that is Soft Riot and the anthemic space adventures of Vieon helped me ignore the pain. Until now at least! Anyway, less flannel and more music!

Pretty Face is the latest track from UK act Lunar and is the follow-up to Glad You Stayed. Like her debut track, it’s a superior blend of dreamy downtempo, R&B and a sultry but defiant vocal style that shows there’s a lot of life in this genre yet! For now, Lunar has kept a low personal profile, with pictures blurred and her face obscured. She can let the music do the talking on the evidence of Pretty Face, that’s for sure!

Tusks is a recent signing to the legendary label One Little Indian and on the strength of Dissolve alone it’s easy  to see why they have added her to a roster containing luminaries like Bjork and Ásgeir! Musically and lyrically the track just shimmers with a hazy euphoria, serving up a sound that concocts a perfect combination of folk, dream pop and electronica. A track that is as much art as it is music.

No One’s Gonna Save You is the debut track from LA-based singer/songwriter Madeleine Rosenthal.  She says the track is about cutting ties with someone who is holding you back and those personalised lyrics give the song a very reflective feel, which is very much amplified by the musical arrangement. It’s a very strong debut that evokes comparisons with artists as diverse as Frank Ocean and Radiohead in terms of attitude and sound.

Coming out of San Francisco, At Dawn  give us a very individual brand of chilled techno with the track Do U Feel – it’s a short but sweet slice of moody electronica that makes me feel like I’m sitting on a beach somewhere, watching the sun come up. It’s perfect music for a Sunday morning as well!

Mindlessness is the first release of Lisa Frangeur and Jonas André who make up Swedish electronic duo The Fringe. The track is very much in the style of a classic ballad, but carrying a definitive synth pop vibe that’s very evocative of the shiny and glittering 80s – think Alison Moyet or Lisa Stansfield at their 80’s best, all filtered through that famously effective Swedish pop sensibility and a trip hop beat.

Filous has teamed up with relative newcomer klei on his new track Knots. It’s a beautiful light and airy piece of synthpop – which really makes you want to dance to it on repeat! The catchy chorus and bouncy nature of the song is addictive and infectious, and adds to an already impressive back catalogue of top tunes. Knots will be on the upcoming For Love EP is up for pre-order now.

RΠЯ and Jessica Bell are behind the criminally underrated Keep Shelly In Athens whose In Love With Dusk was one of the Best albums of last year! On Seattle the duo continue their rich vein of musical form, the ethereal and swirling sounds of their ambient-influenced pop is the perfect soundtrack to city life. The track is a taster for their third LP, Philokalia, which is coming out on September 29th via their own record label Athenian Aura Recordings.

The wonderful and fun indie dance duo SOFI TUKKER have dropped a new single in the form of Fuck They. The track was co-written with Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and Evermore’s Jon Hume but is very much on the style of the duo’s upbeat and in your face electro style. The group says Fuck They is about ‘anything that holds you back from being who you are. Whoever ‘they’ is in your life or in your mind, Fuck They! Who’s they anyway?’. The release comes ahead of festival dates including appearances at Panorama, Outside Lands and Lollapalooza, as well as tour dates later in the year with Seattle juggernauts ODESZA on their A Moment Apart tour.

Lights is the debut collaborative single from future wave songstress/producer NOVAA and producer/songwriter LO. It’s the lead single from their upcoming collaborative album of the same name and is a perfect blend of leftfield and accessible sounds, with NOVAA’s vocals giving LO’s soundscapes added depth and emotion. Lights pushes the boundaries of pop and does so very successfully.

Last up this weekend is Danish electronic musician thirdcurl whose track colours in the air features Casper Iskov on vocals. He says the song is about ‘the feeling of meeting a new person be it a potential lover or a friend and not knowing when or if one will ever see each other again. It’s about being in a situation where fate is the only component that knows what will happen next’. The organic bassline, chilled electric guitar sounds and soothing synthesizers give the song a laid back and entrancing feel, being very effective in capturing emotions in musical form.

That’s my top ten tracks for this week. I hoped you liked what you heard. Thanks for checking the bands out. Until next week then!