Based in Singapore, Dionne, Daphyne & Pierre are the(rest), a shoegaze inspired alt.rock trio who impressed us mightily with their debut track thin. Check out the video below.

Their Instagram page tags their music as ‘some kind of rock’ and as vague as that is, it’s actually a really good description. With a strong Muse-cum-shoegaze to the intro, it has an unusual mix of bombast and intimacy, but it works really well in practice, even if the theory would lead you to think otherwise.

The vocals add a layer of mystery and a hint of danger, hidden in the mists and nighttime shadows, but possessing a warmth that keeps the listener’s attention. The whole track has an undercurrent of the tightly coiled energy of grunge but expressed as if softened by reality. An odd, but very pleasing concoction.

thin out now and also streaming on Spotify,  Apple Music, and Bandcamp. You can get news and background about the band  by following the trio on Facebook and Instagram.