Pittsburgh based post-punk quartet Wisteria are Matt Schor on guitar, Aaron Grey on bass, Elyse Hoffman on vocals Stephen Bucklin on drums. They mine the early 80s for their music inspiration, as you can hear of the icy ingenuity of Wormhole.

The urgency of the drums and the sharp, searing lead guitar really set the scene for something special. That comes in part from the vocals and lyrics of Elyse Hoffman, which lend the song a rock edge sometimes missing in post-punk. It gives the track occasional rock and New Wave tones, with early Blondie and classic Edenbridge coming to mind. Very different bands for sure, but ones that, on Wormhole, marry strong vocalists with knowledgeable and creative musicians to serve up a taut, yet open sound.

Wormhole is from the band’s self-titled demo EP which is out now on cassette via Play Alone Records. The EP is streaming on Spotify and available to buy on Bandcamp. For other downloading and streaming sources, as well as news on upcoming live dates by the band, check them out Instagram and Facebook.