Portland, Oregon resident Caroline Mason is an accomplished vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, who takes standard rock tropes and turns them in something experimental, whilst still training an accessible and friendly feel. Check out the video for her current single Floating and you’ll instantly know what we mean.

The fusion of post rock with jazz style syncopation and the fresh vocals are a real head turner. Evoking comparisons with the likes of Vessels and late 60s San Francisco rock genre-busting tunes as exemplified by Jefferson Airplane circa Surrealistic Pillow, it’s a very pleasing musical curiosity. You could imagine jazz heads and Deadheads getting in to this in equal measure, minds wandering in imagined worlds as the track falls on them like stardust.

The track is the first of a series of releases that’ll culminate in an EP later this year. She had this to say about Floating: “When facing inner discord, it is often hard to find resolution in the process, creating an uncomfortable tension to sit with. It is in entering the depths of falling apart that we ironically begin to procure resolve.”

Floating is out now and can be streamed on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. You can catch Caroline Mason on her socials including Facebook and Instagram.