It doesn’t seem so long ago that we reviewed Magic by Mancunian electro-pop trio Hot Minute, but they’re back with another slice of goth-infused electronica, Hell Is Empty.

The lyrics and melody have a similar emotional resonance to fellow Mancunians Pale Waves, but Hot Minute do something very different with the same building blocks. You can pick up on the gothic, emotive undertones in the lyrics and melody but that’s infused with shades of 80s rock and pop, the perfect Peter Hook inspired bass line and more importantly an air of defiance and confidence that you won’t be able to resist. The song pulls off a neat trick in being open and catchy whilst exploring some tough emotional experiences, taking the listener on a journey that, like life, has highs and lows.

Band member Bella has spoken about the narrative behind the lyrics; “The chorus line, ‘baby, Hell is empty, and all the devils are here’ is a reference to the realisation that a striking amount of the people around you have an agenda. The song is about the naivety of learning the hard way that unfortunately not everyone has your best intentions in mind, despite what they might tell or promise you.”

Hot Minute’s Hell Is Empty is out now and is also available to stream on Spotify. Be sure to head over to the trio’s Instagram or Twitter socials for news about the song, upcoming releases, live dates and more.