With her new solo album on the way, Breeders bassist (and more) Josephine Wiggs has followed up Time Does Not Bring Relief with the equally stunning The Weeping Of The Rain.

With its sparse reverb and minimal melody, the piece still creates a create sense of movement and magic, as it demands your full attention. It puts me in mind of music by the likes of Jah Wobble, Harold Budd and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the way that less is more, and how it directs the listener’s focus on the individual elements of a song, as well as the whole.

The Weeping Of The Rain comes from We Fall which will released via The Sound of Sinners on May 17th 2019. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp, and for more news and background about the album and Wigg’s other work, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.