Magdalena Bay (Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin) are really on a roll right now. Having wowed us with August’s Venice and then the reflective but sublime Good Intentions, they hit a hat trick with the delirious disco-pop of Killshot.

If you’re a fan of disco-era Kylie and the glossy RNB of TLC then you will love Killshot. There’s a sophisticated and playful sensuality to the song, in large part due to Tenenbaum’s sultry vocal performance. But the arrangement is more than a match for it, euphoric space disco tussling with soulful beats a funky bass line in a playful, passionate embrace.

The duo had this to say about the song: “Killshot’s a song about unfulfilled yearning, about getting so caught up in romantic suspense that you feel your heart may burst. We wanted the song to be enveloping like an all-consuming romance that builds up to dreamy heights.”

Killshot is out now, you can get details on how to stream or download the track over of their official  FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts or just click here.